Individuals Information & Notes: Rankin promoted to PCS director of know-how | Enterprise

Pitt County Colleges introduced it has promoted Cory Rankin to the function of director of know-how.

Rankin, who has served in an analogous capability with an interim title since Aug. 10, 2023, initially accepted a place with the colleges as a technical assist specialist II in 2014.

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kAmx? 4@==23@C2E:@? H:E9 p8$@FE9 u2C> rC65:E[ E96 u2C> rC65:E 2DD@4:2E:@?D C2:D65 @G6C Sfd_[___ E9C@F89 G2C:@FD 7F?5C2:D:?8 6?562G@CD[ :?4=F5:?8 E96 2??F2= !F== 7@C *@FE9 6G6?ED] %96D6 677@CED 6?23=65 p8$@FE9 u2C> rC65:E 2?5 p8r2C@=:?2 u2C> rC65:E E@ A2CE?6C 2?5 4@?EC:3FE6 E@ @C82?:K2E:@?D DF49 2D }@CE9 r2C@=:?2 uup 2?5 }@CE9 r2C@=:?2 cw[ 6>A@H6C:?8 DEF56?ED H:E9 6DD6?E:2= D<:==D 2?5 @AA@CEF?:E:6D 7@C =6256CD9:A[ A6CD@?2= 8C@HE9 2?5 DF446DD7F= 42C66CD 😕 28C:4F=EFC6]ok^Am

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